This is article just to share that my team experienced this issue with one of the critical servers with the HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 machine. It is a pretty old machine that is used for running multiple database servers for various applications.

The issue occurred after the scheduled reboot and stuck at the POST 33% during the early system initialization.

Read on to find out more what is the root cause of the entire incident and hope this can provide your with more insights if you encountered the same error.

Logs from HP iLO and isolate the issue by testing existing hardware parts

The first round of onsite with HPE engineers confirmed there is no hardware error based on the logs from the ILO. There is not much information about this error as we only found this most relevant issue that stuck at POST in the HP community forum

They have tried all possible mean to isolate the issue by testing each of the hardware parts like memory, hard disk, etc except for the SPI boards & Processors.

The team also tested by clearing the NVRAM but the outcome remains the same, still showing Early system initialization, please wait message at 33%

Early system initialization, please wait message at 33%
Stucked at POST 33% – Early system initialization, please wait

Testing with new SPI board & Processor

In the 2nd round of troubleshooting, the engineers came up with a new SPI board and processor for further troubleshooting. As expected, after replacing with another SPI board the system was finally able to boot up.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you overcome your frustration with being stuck on POST “Early System Initialization.

If you have any questions or other resolutions about how to fix stuck on POST “Early System Initialization, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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