In the era of digital marketing, AI copywriting tools are becoming increasingly essential to stay ahead in the game. With the rapid advances in artificial intelligence, copywriting has become more personalized, automated, and cost-effective. AI copywriting tools are designed to help marketers create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience.

From optimizing content for search engine robots to generating content ideas, AI copywriting tools are essential for any marketer looking to make their mark in the digital space.

In this blog post, I will be sharing the best AI copywriting tools available based on my personal experience, so you can determine which one is best suited to your needs. Read on to find out more.

What is AI copywriting and why is it so popular in the market now?

AI copywriting tool is software that uses artificial intelligence to generate text content in different writing styles. It automatically learns from human-written content and uses it to generate new content. This type of software is also known as a content generator, AI writing assistant, or AI writer.

AI copywriting tools are becoming increasingly popular in the market because they can help businesses save time and money on content creation.  AI can help to improve the quality and uniqueness of content. It also utilizes advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze data and produce text that mimics human writing.

We will go more in detail in the later section on the benefits of using AI writing software.

Personal Experience With AI Copywriting Tools

For many years, I have been using different AI copywriting tools that can be free, paid and got some from lifetime deals from sites like Appsumo and purposes for 

  • Blogging – with ai assist for your content writing and those one-click article generator based on keywords 
  • Creative Writing – assist you in writing scripts like for your youtube video & stories 
  • Rewriting – As I am not really good at writing so sometimes I do use the rewrite feature actually make the content more professional and understandable for readers.
  • Generate blog outlines and ideas – beside browsing blog outlines from your competitor manually, AI writing tool can help you with this easily
  • Generate landing page, about page
  • Work purposes – like drafting an email, resume, and documentation
  • Social Media Content –  Generate more catchy social media posts &  youtube descriptions for my various sites & projects
  • Product Description & Reviews – Some AI copywriters are able to do it beautifully to summarise the product review with pros and cons. You also can use it for your product if you own an e-commerce store.

My Best AI Copywriting Tools For 2023 – Based On Personal Experience

In the next section, I will be sharing my personal experience with the different types of AI copywriting tools.

Some of these great ai copywriting tools I still have be using regularly until today. Hope all this information helps you to find a tool that helps for your business and daily work.

As review can be very subjective, I also tried to include some of the sample article generated by the AI writer tool using one click function or long-form content generator for you to review as well.


Textbuilder Interace

TextBuilder is founded by Zigmars Berzins who created the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tool I’ve ever seen for quickly creating SEO content. With a single click, you can find ideas for hundreds of articles.

TextBuilder works seamlessly with WordPress by using the Textbuidler WordPress Plugin, so when you write your article, it will be automatically published on your WordPress blog.

Plus, you can customize its settings to get the most out of your writing. If you want to write more personalized content, you can easily build your own “1-Click” writer that uses your prompts from the template you have created.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • The founder is pretty responsive in the FB group and Twitter.
  • Allows you to create a custom template for your prompts for generating contents
  • Frequent updates & new features
  • Reasonable pricing plan
  • The featured image generated looks realistic and nice


  • It seems like a one-person team The subheading is very long and lengthy for Auto-Writer
  • Image generator for feature image costs 2000 credits

My Rating:


The founder actually put in efforts to create 100 blogs challenge with his upcoming mega script estimated will be available on Aug 2023. I will be looking forward to this new feature.


Another AI writing tool will be the Copymatic AI.  This AI tool is a writing assistant powered by AI that can generate unique and human-like copy in seconds, and it includes a grammar checker.

It’s a powerful tool that can create different types of content, including social media posts and website copy, and the article generator is also able to generate titles & outlines, also adjusting the word counts for the articles.

One thing I do like about Copymatic was it really more than AI copywriting tool because it also allows you to do text-to-speech, image generator, and basic SEO keyword research (beta version as of July 2023).

Overall, Copymatic is a great writing assistant for small businesses and anyone who writes for a living and needs to create high-quality content.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • Lots of features like text-to-speech, image generator, and keyword research
  • Unlimited usage for words and chat access
  • Nice UI and easy to navigate
  • A free DA 50+ backlink from their partner


  • Minor bugs when using the article generator where is has repeated texts after the h2 heading
  • Content quality is average using the article generator

My Rating:

My Verdict:

As of now, I still subscribe to the Copymatic plan as I do see potential in this tool & their team, and am amazed at their 80-over tools. Most importantly, I am also looking forward to seeing their SEO Keyword Research feature.
Do note the link below is an affiliate link


Machined UI
Machined UI

Machined AI is using your own OpenAI key and I would feel it can be one of the most powerful ai copywriting tools as the tool is able to build your cluster with all the article ideas based on your keywords to generate content automatically.

The platform’s AI writing assistant allows you to write entire content clusters in a few clicks, complete with carefully crafted metadata, and machine-generated articles with internal linking are ready to publish. It’s easy to use, and you can quickly create content at scale very easily. 

What I Like and Dislike:


  • Really amazed by the ability to build clusters based on your requirement automatically.
  • Internal linking is good as long you configure and input the correct info before building the cluster
  • The Founder is friendly and customer-oriented
  • The content generated is well-formated with bullet points etc with minimum edits.


  • Expensive as the plan costs $49/month even with our own OpenAI key.
  • Slightly slow response but partly because of the small team
  • Both the Intro and Conclusion sections can improve further as I feel sometimes the content is very lengthy and repeating.

My Rating:


WordPlay is a fast and easy way to start writing articles. I can quickly and easily generate articles for the topics I’m covering, with no fuss. It’s perfect for creating hundreds of articles at a time!

This AI copywriting software can quickly and easily generates articles for the topics I’m covering, with minimal input and edits required. It’s perfect for creating hundreds of articles at a time!

Wordplay is an excellent & easy to use tool for writing blog posts, articles, or product descriptions. It’s a great choice for creating content quickly and easily without any huge learning curve.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • With a nice and sleek UI
  • Good quality Content


  • Expensive for $99 for 7,500 words monthly although they do offer LTD sometimes in Appsumo
  • Minor Bugs
  • Not much features like rewriting, rephrasing & expanding

My Rating:


Katteb is a fact-check AI article writer tool that is almost similar to or a direct competitor to Copymatic when comparing the features like Katteb Chat, Article Generator & Image Generator.

With this copywriting tool, you can automatically use their AI Article Writer to generate an article easily with just a few clicks based on their article outlines suggestion. The team is pretty responsive and launches new features regularly to the users.

Another plus point for Katteb over to Copymatic was they sometimes do offer lifetime deals on their website and Appsumo. It is worthwhile if you use it regularly and help you save up on the subscription fees.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • The price is reasonable and affordable. Do offer lifetime deals sometimes
  • Easy to use & navigate with the UI
  • Good response from the support team


  • The content quality was average

My Rating:


Juice UI is an agency-level content marketing platform for professionals and agencies. This AI writing software allows you to create and publish high-quality, content on demand, without the need for top search ranking in Google and drive customers to your business automatically.

They do have a feature that allows you to enter seed keywords and the tool will actually generate all the article content ideas. All the content generated has the option to embed with images (copyright-free) and relevant youtube videos as well.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Seed keywords ideas were good, in fact, it is the only AI tool to launch this initially
  • Interesting feature like Auto Pilot
  • Price is affordable


  • The content quality was average to me, it seems like requires more editing like some of the headers
  • Not many updates and new features this year

My Rating:

Autoblogging interface interface

Another AI copywriting tool will be,  this tool uses a mix of AI Technology  OpenAI’s GPT 3, 3.5, and 4 models to write various types of content easily including Amazon product reviews. 

This copywriting tool comes with various modes and options for you to generate AI content articles with just a few clicks.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • Quality of the content is above average
  • Price is reasonable and affordable compared to other tools
  • The founder & the community are pretty active
  • Lots of improvement & new features were launched quite frequently


  • Can be buggy when receiving timed-out errors but they may have been resolved or with other workarounds
  • The UI can be better

My Rating:


Rytr UI
Rytr Interface

Rytr is one of the first ai copywriting tools I got from the Appsumo deal.  This AI tool to help you manage your writing workflow. With our seamless collaboration, team billing, and robust project management features, you can easily get back to what’s important: running your business and making sure everything runs smoothly.

With Rytr, you can generate high-quality blog posts, social media captions, ad copies, and more in just a few clicks. This tool uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand your input and provide relevant suggestions and ideas.

One of the standout features of Rytr is its ability to create different writing styles based on your needs. Whether you want a professional tone or something more casual and conversational, Rytr has got you covered.

It also offers various templates for different types of content, making it easier to get started with your writing projects. Rytr is an excellent option for anyone looking to streamline their content creation process and produce engaging copy effortlessly.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • Content quality is good
  • UI looks neat and simple
  • Subscription Fees are reasonable & affordable
  • Support team is good and responsive


  • Lack of new features like one click of long-form content or WordPress integration

My Rating:

Do note this link below is an affiliate link 🙂

Preon AI Writer

Preon AI Writer
Preon AI Writer (Windows Based)

Preon AI Writer is windows based app solution for writing high-quality content quickly and easily. This AI-powered tool can be run with your OpenAI  API key and you can simply import your keywords in a text file for the ai tool to write articles, blog posts, and even product descriptions for you. Finally, the output will be in a CSV file for you to import to your WordPress site.

Preon AI Writer can save you time, energy, and money. Instead of spending hours writing content, you can use this tool to create high-quality content in minutes.

Plus, it’s easy to use, so even if you’re not familiar with AI tools, you’ll be able to get started right away.

What I Like and Dislike:


  • The content quality and formatting were excellent
  • Price is cheap
  • New features and improvement updates very frequently
  • The founder actually had a very successful journey using this tool with AI-generated content.


  • Need to import to WordPress manually using plugins
  • Certain antivirus programs might prompt the exe file can be dangerous.

My Rating:

What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best AI copywriting tools?

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best AI copywriting tools: 

Quality: First and foremost, you want to ensure that the tool produces high-quality content. Look for tools that can produce a well-written, engaging, and grammatically correct copy. 

Ease of use: AI copywriting tools should be easy to use and navigate, with an intuitive user interface and a simple process for writing your copy. 

Flexibility: Look for tools that offer a wide range of features and flexibility. Some tools only produce certain types of content, while others allow you to create custom templates and tones to match your brand’s voice. 

Pricing: AI copywriting tools can range in price from free to thousands of dollars. Choose a tool that fits your budget, but keep in mind that more expensive tools may yield better results.

Support and Roadmap: It would be good if the AI writer toool support team is responsive and would be more promising if there is roadmap avaliable.

How to use AI copywriting software tools for the best results?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) copywriting tools on the market are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and marketers. These ai copywriting tools can help you write high-quality content faster and more efficiently.

However, it’s important to know how to use them effectively to get the best results. Here are some tips for using an AI copywriting tool:

1. Choose the right tool for the job: 

There are many different AI copywriting tools available on the market, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Some tools are specifically designed for marketing, while others are more general and can be used for any writing purpose.

2. Use the tool’s features:

Each AI copywriting tool has its own set of features. For example, some tools can help you generate headlines, while others can help you create product descriptions or social media posts. Make sure to learn how to use the features of your chosen tool to make the most of them.

3. Review and revise:

AI copywriting tools can generate a lot of content quickly, but it’s always a good idea to review and revise the content they produce before using it. This will help you ensure that the content is still accurate, well-written, and meets your brand’s style guidelines.

4. Combine human and AI writing: 

While AI copywriting tools can generate a lot of content quickly, they can’t replace human writing completely. It’s a good idea to combine the outputs from AI tools with your own writing, which can help give the content a unique and human touch. 

What are the key benefits of AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is a type of writing software that uses artificial intelligence to create text that is tailored to a specific audience. This type of software can be helpful for businesses and websites that have large amounts of content that needs to be written, but it can also be useful for individuals who are looking to save time on writing. Here are some of the benefits of using AI copywriting:

Saves time:

One of the biggest benefits of AI copywriting tools to save you a significant amount of time. Instead of having to write all of your content yourself, you can use the software to generate the text for you. This can save you a significant amount of time, especially if you have a large website or a lot of content that needs to be written.

Quality control: 

Another benefit of using AI copywriting is that it can provide quality control. When you use the software, you can be sure that the text that is generated will be high-quality and free of errors like grammar. This can help you ensure that your content meets the highest standards and that your audience will be satisfied with the content that they see.

Increase productivity: 

Using this copywriting  AI tool to help you increase your productivity. When you use the software, you can generate large amounts of content quickly and easily. This can help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Improve SEO Performance:

AI-generated copy has the potential to improve SEO performance by incorporating relevant keywords strategically throughout the text. With algorithms designed to understand SEO best practices and principles, these tools can help businesses rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more organic traffic.

What are the limitations of AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is not yet capable of producing the same level of creativity as a human writer. Many AI copywriting lack emotional intelligence. It cannot effectively convey emotions such as empathy or humor which are crucial for connecting with readers on a deeper level.

Another limitation is the inability of AI copywriting to understand context and nuance. It may struggle with idiomatic expressions, cultural references, or subtle wordplay that humans easily grasp. This can result in content that sounds robotic or out of touch with the intended audience.

Furthermore, AI copywriting may not possess the ability to adapt quickly to changes in trends or preferences. It relies on patterns and data from past content rather than real-time analysis of current market dynamics. As a result, it may struggle to create timely and relevant content that resonates with audiences.

What is my Ideal or Dream AI Copywriting tool?

I do understand looking for the best & right AI tool is not an easy task and in fact, I feel there is no perfect tool at this moment. Many Ai copywriting tools do have the same basic features. Ideally, hope to find tools that allow

  1. Content Ideas based on keyword research planning and clustering
  2. With Proper Table format if the content requirement
  3. More relevant & realistic images and feature images with proper alt value
  4. Automate and schedule from the Ai copywriting software based on each project.
  5. integration with social media accounts 


In conclusion, AI copywriting tools have become an integral part of digital marketing strategy. These tools can help marketers create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience and drives business growth.

I hope you will find this article informative and help you to choose the right ai copywriting tools to create content.

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