The Romans utilized Roman Numerals, a type of number system that dates back to the ancients. Although it is an antiquated system, it is still significant in the modern age.

So, this tutorial will show you how to use roman numerals in Google Docs. There will also be a screenshot guide that will help you understand every step of the process. We will additionally be sharing a couple of bullet points about the procedure. So, let’s start!

6 Steps to Write Roman Numerals in Google Docs

Roman numerals are a type of number system utilized by the Romans. The seven Roman numbers, which are I, V, X, L, C, D, and M, were used during the period between 900 BC and 800 BC. 

The development of a standardized method for counting was needed to improve the efficiency of the communication and trading activities of the ancient world.

Although it is an outdated system, the use of Roman numbers in daily business transactions is still very important.

Here we will show you the steps on how to create roman numerals on google docs:

Step #1. First, you need to open “Google Docs” on your Google and click the blank document to open.

Step #2. After opening a new document, find the “Insert” option in the upper left corner.

Google Docs Insert option

Step #3. From the list, you can see a variety of options. Then, click the “Special Characters” option.

Google Docs Special Characters option

Step #4. After clicking, you will see a search bar that will be displayed on the right side of the page, allowing you to look for the Roman characters that you need.

Google Docs Search box

Step #5. In the search bar, you can type in the word “Roman,” and all the Roman numerals will appear in the left-hand section.

Google Docs Roman Numerals options

Step #6. You can then add the Roman numeral of your choice to the Google Docs table by selecting it from the table of Roman numerals.

Alternatively, you can use the blank space under the search bar to create the character’s shape. The symbols will appear on the left-hand side of the page. This is a better option to get the correct roman numeral of your choice.

Google Docs roman numerals options

How to Add Roman Numerals in Google Docs with Bullet Points

This alternative will show you how to add the roman numerals in Google docs as bullet points. This is very simple, and you can finish it in more or less than a minute.

Step #1. Go to Google Docs and open a new document.

Step #2. There, you can find the “numbered list” option in the upper right of the google docs.

Google Docs Numbered list option

Step #3. After clicking the number list option, you can then see a variety of formats; you just need to choose the one that you want, which is the Roman numerals in bullet points.

Google Docs Numbered format options

Step #4. You can then now add Roman numbers to the google documents by clicking on the list.

TIPS: There is a shortcut key in Google Docs that you can use to quickly add Roman numerals to the documents.

To add Roman Numbers to Google Docs quickly, go to the “Roman Number” box and press the “Ctrl+Shift+7.

Although you can’t add Roman Numbers to Google Docs’ page numbers, you can manually do it by creating a section break for each page. This will allow you to add multiple roman numbers to each of the pages’ footers.

Why Use Roman Numerals on Google Docs

There are many benefits of using roman numerals in google docs, and here are some advantages of inserting them:

1. This type of representation usually offers a new perspective on numbers or digits.

2. Numbers in the Roman alphabet are represented by a syndicate of math and history.

3. The concept of place value is emphasized by the Roman numerals.

4. The addition and subtraction process is often supported by roman numerals.

5. Roman letters are repetitive, making them an appealing learning material for children.

6. They help develop a passion for mathematics by emphasizing different ideas and concepts.

7. Numbers are typically assigned to book pages using Roman numerals.

Bottom Line

Now that you have learned how to add roman numerals to Google Docs and utilize bullet points for them, you can now easily do them.