Have you been looking for a fun and easy interesting game to play on iMessage with your friends and family? Look no further than 20 Questions! This classic guessing game is perfect to play through text messages and is sure to provide entertainment for everyone involved.

With just a little bit of strategy and creativity, you can keep the game going for hours on end. So grab your phone and get ready to flex your deductive reasoning skills!

I also put together a simple guide on how to play 20 Questions on iMessage that will have you and your friends racking your brains and laughing together. 

What is the rule of playing the 20 questions game?

It is a two-player game and the main objective of the classic traditional game is to guess the object or concept chosen by the other player within 20 questions or fewer.

  1. Game Setup: Start an iMessage conversation with the other player. One player will think of a mystery object or concept and keep it a secret. This will be the “answer” that the other player needs to guess.
  2. Asking Questions: The player who is guessing (the “guesser”) starts by asking a yes or no question about the object or concept. For example, “Is it an animal?” The other player (the “answerer”) can only answer with “Yes” or “No.”
  3. Limited Questions: The guesser can ask up to 20 questions to narrow down the possibilities and try to identify the answer. The questions should be specific and aimed at eliminating options. For example, instead of asking “Is it green?” they could ask “Is it a type of fruit?”
  4. Guessing the Answer: After asking up to 20 questions, the guesser must make their final guess at the answer. If they guess correctly, they win the round. If they don’t guess correctly within the given number of questions, the answerer reveals the chosen object or concept.
  5. Players Take Turns: After each round, players can switch roles, with the guesser becoming the answerer and vice versa. This allows both players to have a chance to choose an object or concept and guess.

Remember, the fun of 20 Questions lies in the process of deduction and the strategic selection of questions. It’s a great game to play using iMessage, as players can take turns asking and answering questions at their convenience.

What are the common questions asked in the 20 questions game?

If you run out of questions in order to figure out the answer. Here are some common questions that players often ask during a game of 20 Questions:

  • Is it a living thing?
  • Is it a person?
  • Is it an animal?
  • Is it a man-made object?
  • Is it larger than a breadbox?
  • Is it found indoors?
  • Is it found outdoors?
  • Is it something you can eat?
  • Is it something you can wear?
  • Is it a form of transportation?
  • Is it a type of food?
  • Is it commonly found in households?
  • Is it made of plastic?
  • Is it made of metal?
  • Is it used for communication?
  • Is it associated with a specific sport?
  • Is it a type of technology?
  • Is it a natural phenomenon?
  • Is it something you can hold in your hand?
  • Is it something you use every day?

These questions can help narrow down the possibilities and guide the guesser closer to the answer. Do note that the more specific the questions, the more information can be gathered to make an accurate guess.

How to play 20 Questions on GamePigeon over iMessage?

GamePigeon is an iMessage extension game and you also can easily download GamePigeon from the Apple app store  and play 20 questions on iPhone and other Apple devices using the link below:

Apple app Store for GamePigeon

Once you have downloaded the GamePigeon app from Apple Appstore, open your message app on your Apple devices.

Create a New Message and search for GamePigeon Icon located below the message box. Refer to below screenshot:

 search for GamePigeon Icon for 20 questions game located below the message box.

There is a list of games by GamePigeon and search for 20 Questions Game.

There is a list of games by GamePigeon and search for 20 Questions Game.

Next, send the game over to your friends and you can play 20 questions over text with your family members and friends.

play with friends 20 questions game on imessage

What Are The Tips and Ticks of Playing 20 Questions Game?

As the 20 questions game is a guessing game that revolves around the question. Here are some tips for playing the 20 Questions game with your friends:

Be more specific

By asking questions that are able to narrow down the possibilities. Avoid broad questions and focus on details that can help eliminate options. For example, instead of asking “Is it an animal?” you could ask “Does it have fur?” or “Does it live in water?”

Plan & Strategize

Plan your questions strategically to get the most information with each one. Think about the different categories or characteristics of the object or concept you’re trying to guess, and ask questions that cover those areas.

Start off with broader and general questions

Begin by asking more general questions to establish the basic category or characteristics of the answer. As you gather information, you can gradually ask more specific questions to narrow down the options.

Creativity & Think outside the box

Don’t limit yourself to typical questions. Consider asking about emotions, functions, or unusual attributes related to the object or concept you’re guessing. Creative questions can lead to unexpected clues.

Pay attention to responses

Listen carefully to the answers given by the other player. Think about the implications of a “yes” or “no” response and use that information to guide your next question. Take note of any hints or patterns that may emerge.

Keeping track of questions

It’s essential to keep count of the number of questions you’ve asked. This will help you stay within the limit of 20 questions and make a final guess when necessary.

With these tips in mind, you and your friends can have a great time playing 20 Questions and sharpening your deduction skills.

What Are The Benefits of Playing 20 Questions?

Playing 20 Questions offers numerous benefits, both in terms of cognitive development and good bonding with social interaction.

This traditional game enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, vocabulary, and imagination.

It encourages players to think strategically, ask targeted questions, and make logical deductions. The process fosters patience, persistence, and teamwork, while also stimulating creativity and imaginative thinking.

By engaging in this enjoyable activity, individuals can strengthen their cognitive abilities, develop linguistic skills, and enjoy meaningful social interactions.

Few Ideas To Make 20 Questions Game More Interesting

To make the 20 Questions game more interesting and exciting to play with your friends, you can try incorporating these rules and settings:

Setting a Time limit

Set a time limit for each round, challenging players to ask questions and guess the answer within a specified timeframe. This adds an element of urgency and excitement to the game.

Theme or Categories based

Choose specific themes for each round, such as animals, movies, or historical figures. This adds variety and allows players to explore different categories of objects or concepts.

Additional Bonus Points

With bonus points where players can earn extra points or rewards. For example, if the guesser can guess the answer to less than 10 questions, they receive bonus points. This adds an extra layer of competition and motivation.

Introduce More Guessing Restrictions

Place limitations on how the guesser can phrase their final guess. For instance, they can only use one word or have to guess using a specific clue. This adds an additional challenge and can lead to unexpected twists.

Difficulty levels

You can also introduce different levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to challenging. For example, in the easy level, the answerer can give a limited hint after a certain number of questions. Maybe for that previous winner, you can allow them to play 21 questions or lesser questions instead of 20 with additional questions.

Remember, the key is to adapt and customize the game based on the preferences and interests of the players. everyone involved!

Wrapping Up

So what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and start playing 20 Questions on iMessage! Let me know how the game is going in the comments below.

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