Unlike in the past, you can simply print out and sign on hard-copy documents easily. But over the last few years, electronic signatures is becoming very common as most of the stuffs are moving into digital and in additional to hybrid working environment you often need to do e-sign more often than the past.

Therefore, it also becomes a common challenge faced by some users is that they don’t know how to insert electronic signatures in Google Docs where traditional signing can be done in few seconds.

Different Ways To Insert Electronic Signatures in Google Docs

Google docs is a document editing tool that allows users to create, edit, view and share documents online. It is a web-based collaborative document editing platform. Here are some of the ways to sign electronically in Google Docs

1. Using Drawing Tools in Google Docs

You can simply use this feature in google docs without using any 3rd party app. Lets take a look here

Step 1 – Go to top menu bar select Insert -> Drawing -> New

Step 2: A new drawing window will popup, select the line with 2 rounded end icon

Step 3: In the drop down, select Scribble

Step 4: Click Save and Close button once you done with your signature

Step 5: It will look something like this in the google doc, you can resize and move the signature just like any drawing object.

2. Using Add-On Extension in Google Doc

There are quite a few extensions avaliable in the google doc and to search for the

In Google Doc, go to Extensions at the top menu, Select Add-ons -> Get add-ons

Next, a new window pop up and you simply do a search like signature

So in this example, I will install DocuSign which is one of the popular tool to do eSignature for documents

Select DocuSign and Click Install at the new popup window

Install DocuSign

Follow the instruction and grant the necessary permission to your google account.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have been using Google Docs very often in work nowadays especially as we moving into this digital age. Find either one of the most suitable and comfortable ways for yourself and slowly you will get used to it. Feel free to comment if you have any other ways of inserting signatures into google Docs.