Ever wanted to relive a particular moment in a Google Meet meeting? With the recording feature, you can now do so by replaying the session or sharing it with other team members who were unable to join the meeting.

However, where does it go when it comes to Google Meet recordings? And how do you share and download them? This review will give you all the details.

With the record option in Google Meet, you can keep all of your conferences and share them with others if necessary. Unfortunately, this feature only works for G Suite Business Standard, Plus, and Enterprise users only. They have to decide if it is worth it.

How Should I Know Where Google Meet Save Recording?

You must record all of your Google meetings in order to keep them archived. The default option, which most people use, is Google Meet’s built-in recording tool. You can simply click on Manage Recording in the Google Meet session.

Click on Manage Recording in google meet.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available if you are paid subscription for Business Standard and above. Refer to the pricing below or find out more on the Google Workspace Pricing page here.

How Should I Know Where Google Meet Save Recording?

So, if you are working for a company with a Business Standard subscription and above, you can easily download the recording of your meetings on schedule.

However, most people who use the platform do not have access to a link to the recording. They won’t submit to the company even if the recording feature is enticing.

What to Consider?

The recordings from Google Meet recordings are saved in Google Drive’s Meet Recordings folder of a meeting organizer.  Therefore, you should make sure that there’s enough space on the Drive. Setting up a Google Meet call and recording the meeting at the scheduled time will automatically be added using a google calendar event.

So, to record a meeting, the organizer and the person who initiated the recording will receive an email containing the link. Unfortunately, this feature is not available to everyone.

Is There Any Alternative You Never Knew You Needed for the Google Meet Recording Solution?

There are so many alternatives where you can easily record your Google Meetings or Zoom conversations for free. And there is no limit on how many times you can record it, and you don’t have to pay a cent. This is, of course, dependent on the features you want, such as the full suite of G Suite functions.

You can also immediately save video recordings from your browser by clicking the button. This feature is very convenient since it allows you to easily view and save every meeting that has been recorded, whether it is on Google or Zoom. It is available in over 20 languages.

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Where Should You Find the Location of the Saved Recordings?

When you stop recording, a notification will appear, and you will receive an email with the recording link to your Google Drive.

You will then need to follow these steps to access the recording.


Sign or log in to your Google Drive account directly.

Go to  My Drive in google drive

To access your drive, go to the left side of the page and select the “My Drive” button.

Locate the Meet Recordings folder, there you’ll find a recorded video instantly.

meet recordings folder in google drive

You can also download the recording directly from Google Drive using the “more” button, see three vertical dots next to it, and select download.

Google Meeting Recording to download

After that, it will appear in your computer’s download folder.

Select Download to download the selected google meeting recording

In that regard, since Google processes videos first, it might take some time for them to appear. If your video is too long or a huge size, it may usually take around 24 hours. 

On the other hand, google drive makes it easy to share audio and video recording with other management tools. For instance, you can easily upload it to a Google Classroom or Project Management platform.

Other Saved Locations of the Recorded files

The recording can also be found in other places apart from the Google Drive of the meeting organizer. The first is an email link for where the file will be sent to the user who initiated the recording and the meeting organizer. The video will then be played on a new window page.

Here is a sample email generated from Google after the meeting recording is completed.

Sample of the email for meeting recoridng

Second, you can forward the recording to anyone else via email. The recipient will be able to open it in the same way. You can also create events, which will show the link to the recording in the google calendar’s event information.

Things to Remember on How to Record Your Google Meet

When recording meetings, there are some important things to keep an eye on. First, the recordings will only feature the active speaker and any presented content. Additionally, the video won’t include other notifications, user windows, or alerts. This eliminates the possibility of any viewer appearing in the recording.

Moreover, only the individuals within the organization can record the event. Participants who use a phone or a mobile app and those who call in using a device will not be able to access the recording.

Lastly, it is important to inform and get consent from everyone in the meeting before you start the meeting recording. This popup message will be prompt as well when you click on the recording.

 get consent from everyone in the meeting before you start the meeting recording.

How Can You Ensure That Google Saves Your Meeting?

The first thing you need to note, you must record Google Meetings in order to save them. The default option is to use Google Meet’s built-in recorder. It is very easy, you just need to open the recording.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for paid users like Business Standard, Plus or Enterprise subscriptions. So, to use it, you need to subscribe to any of these subscriptions.

What to Do if You Cannot Download the Recording on Your Drive?

After you shared the link, the Google Meet recording in Google Drive is not showing up. This issue can be fixed by following these steps.

  • To find the recording of the Google Meet you want on your computer, go to your Google Drive and click “My Recordings.”
  • Navigate to the Share button and choose Advanced. Then find the box next to the disable options to download, unable to comment, print, and copy options.
  • After unchecking the box, you can now enable the download option in the settings and allow others to use the recording by going to save changes and selecting “Done.” You can then download the recording from Google Drive.

Wrapping Up

Finding your Google Meet recording is easy. Just follow the steps above, and you can record locate your recordings at any time. Hopefully, we’ve given you a clear walkthrough about this matter.