Google Docs is a widely used and accessible online writing application. It can help you organize and present your work in a different category. Besides you only need an account to keep your work.

You can also easily create and save a portfolio using Google Drive. Moreover, this online word processor is an amazing tool option that can be used to apply various documents and presentations.

Google has created an incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive platform with its suite of office applications, and one of the most prominent components is Google Docs. So, if you want to add, or create a new file folder, just go to Google and click on the sign-up button. 

Why Should You Consider Utilizing Google Docs to Create Your Writing Portfolio?

Just like other tools, Google Docs is an excellent writing application. It saves you time and money while allowing you to develop professional work.

Moreover, as we jump over to the course of viewing the benefits of using docs, we have listed some of the most helpful tips that are perfect to show for your site.

Google Docs is Very Accessible

One of the most important factors that set Google Docs apart from other applications is its accessibility.

This makes it an ideal tool for writers who want to display their work. Whether you are presenting to potential clients or writing for a job, all of your work is organized and instantly accessible.

There is a Required for Coding

No coding is required to develop a professional writing portfolio. In just a couple of ways, you will be able to create a simple and professional portfolio that will display your work in the style that you want.

Docs Can Automatically Save Your Work

If you ever get a computer crash, lose your work, or have one of your files mysteriously corrupted, you do not have to worry anymore, you can always rely on Google Docs to restore it.

As, it automatically saves everything you work on to your Google Drive, eliminating the need to keep remembering to save anything without a scratch.

Moreover, Docs is an online suite that you can use on any device. It does not require a local storage space, and it allows you to work on it from anywhere.

So, If you are planning on getting a new computer, Google Docs will keep your work organized and secure. Even though it is an online app, you can still work on it offline.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Showcase Your Work Using Google Docs

In this section, we will talk about the basic elements of a writing portfolio that can be created using the Google Docs platform.

Step 1. Create Your Own Portfolio Page

The home page is designed to showcase your work, with links back to your various writing pieces. While the main page can be a Google Doc with a variety of sections and categories for your work.

To start a new document, select “Blank” from the drop-down list after you have signed in to Google.

Step 1. Create Your Own Portfolio Page

Step 2. Create Your Own Title and Whatever Design You Want

After creating your new document, simply put a heading into it “Portfolio” or “Name—Portfolio” in a creative way. This will help professionally present it.

Step 2. Create Your Own Title and Whatever Design You Want
  • To make your head title bold, simply highlight it and click the option “highlight” or “highlight it and press the command + B” for Mac OS X and “command + C” for Windows. Center it by clicking the option or pressing the shift + E key.
  • To increase the font size of your sub-heading highlight it and press the “Ctrl + Shift +” combination for both Windows and Mac.

You can also change the title of a Google Doc by pressing the “Untitled document” button in the top left corner. Doing so will automatically update the current title of the document.

Step 3. Create the First Written Piece for Your Portfolio

Step 3. Create the First Written Piece for Your Portfolio

You can create a Google Doc for your first content of written work using the first two steps. For written pieces, you can highlight your title by pressing the + U key and the Windows + Command + U key combination. 

This option is very easy, and you can create new and unique pieces of content in Google Docs by either copy and pasting or creating a new one from scratch.

You can also refine and enhance an existing one to have a more good look. We’ve created a guide that will help you make beautiful and functional Google Docs.

Step 4. Add Your Work to Your Portfolio

Before you add your work to your portfolio, you must ensure that anyone who wants to directly views it will not have to ask you for permission to do so.

In order to do this, you may to the top-right portion of your doc and click on the blue Share icon. In the “Get link” section, click the Copy link.

By default, everyone will be able to view this link. You can then use this link to add your work to your portfolio. Just make sure that it is copied and ready to paste.

If you want people to edit or comment on your work, you have the option to do so through the “change” button. Except, if you are using your portfolio for your work, it’s best to go with this default setting process.

After that, go back to your main webpage and write down the text of your piece’s title. Then, highlight it and press the “#” button for Windows or the “#” button for Mac. In the box that’s labeled Link, paste your link and click “Apply.”

Take a Step Further for Your Portfolio

After you have created a streamlined and easy-to-access writing portfolio, it is time to take it further into the world. In this post, we have talked about every essential quick Google Docs tip.

This is very helpful as it allows you to keep saving more time and make your life easier, Similar to 24 templates that will make it easier to use Google Docs for other tasks. You can also format a screenplay in the cloud if you feel it.